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How do I get into a top university? - Quora

Answer: I'm a rising senior (undergrad) at Princeton.​ As others have pointed o.​.​.​
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How do I get into a top university?
Alaka Halder
Alaka Halder, Student @ Princeton University
What would happen if the British tried to reconquer the United States?
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison, Running technology at FundingKnight (...
What would be the likely outcome if Texas announced secession from the United States?
Carter Moore
Carter Moore, Top Writer 2015 | Scatterbrained
What does it feel like to be intelligent but take blue-collar jobs?
Megumi Yamamoto
Megumi Yamamoto
Should you double check every problem of your children's elementary school math homework before they turn it in?
Shuba Swaminathan
Shuba Swaminathan
How could Germany, in a span of 80 years (1918-2000s), lose a World War, get back in shape enough to start another one (in 20 years only), lose it again and then become one of the wealthiest countries?
Keith Hauser
Keith Hauser
What is so great about Microsoft?
Nate Waddoups
Nate Waddoups
Is America in debt? If yes, then to whom?
Matt Wasserman
Matt Wasserman, We don't know what the internet is fo...
How come the iPhone's 1 GB RAM is touted to be able to compete with more than 2 GB RAM of Android phones?
Glyn Williams
Glyn Williams, Grizzled game industry veteran.
How accurate were the IQ scores of the high-ranking Third Reich officials tried at Nuremberg?
Adrien Lucas Ecoffet
Adrien Lucas Ecoffet, Quora engineer. Frenchman. Americanop...
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