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Are there any functional aspects to the design of military uniforms? What I mean is...? - Quora

Answer: A lot of the elaborate details on dress uniforms are what an evolution.​.​.​
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Are there any functional aspects to the design of military uniforms? What I mean is, what is the use of the (for example) Lanyard, or the belt worn diagonally across the torso in some military uniforms?
Kyle Murao
Kyle Murao
Are the IMDB ratings accurate?
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis, Screenwriter
We know that Apple was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Why is it that almost inevitably, all the credit is given to Steve Jobs for making Apple the company it is today? What was Wozniak's contribution?
Scott Welch
Scott Welch, Addicted to Quora
If everyone in a plane were to jump up at the very same time, what would happen to the plane?
Tim Hibbetts
Tim Hibbetts, Kayaking down Denial
What are the primary causes of food deserts in urban American cities?
Matt Wasserman
Matt Wasserman, We don't know what the internet is fo...
What are some things foreigners believe about the United States but Americans know are laughably way off?
Alex Shirley
Alex Shirley, Minimalist Traveler and Entrepreneur
Why do most people not understand introverts?
Ellen Vrana
Ellen Vrana, Writer
Why is it that when it comes to computer programming, everyone completely warns against doing it for the money?
Brian Bi
Brian Bi, software engineer and all-around nerd
Could North Korea possibly defeat and conquer the United States?
Jon Mixon
Jon Mixon
What are the disadvantages of being smart?
Marcus Ford
Marcus Ford
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