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What is the best comment in a source code that you have ever encountered? - Quora

Answer: The best comment I've ever seen would have to be the Safety Pig: ​ I'.​.​.​
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What is the best comment in a source code that you have ever encountered?
Costya Perepelitsa
Costya Perepelitsa
What should every person be knowledgeable about or be proficient in by the age of 20?
Ben Mordecai
Ben Mordecai, Automation Controls Engineer
How do people describe Che Guevara?
Leonardo Moran
Leonardo Moran, I was born in Cuba, studied and worke...
What are the two closest airports to each other in the world?
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin, likes rigor; dislikes pedantry
Why is Mac OS X reliable and without viruses?
Phillip Remaker
Phillip Remaker, Problem Solver
Why do some black people wear their pants very low?
Jon Mixon
Jon Mixon
Are you expected to write perfect code on your first attempt in tech interviews?
Istvan Jonyer
Istvan Jonyer
How is a plane removed from a place where it's unable to takeoff again?
Brian Dunlap
Brian Dunlap, I work on a series of tubes.
Which credit cards do millionaires possess?
Kyle Murao
Kyle Murao, Go support Chengeta Wildlife now!
Will oil ever become obsolete?
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison, Running technology at FundingKnight (...
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