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What is the smartest Indian movie ever made? - Quora

Answer: I would add 1.​Rang de Basanti: McKinley: "I always believed there we.​.​.​
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What is the smartest Indian movie ever made?
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar, Sorry for A2A.
Why do people still love Sourav Ganguly even after four years of retirement?
Ajay Pareek
Ajay Pareek, Sarcastic
Does the recent expose of Aam Aadmi Party truly show it in poor light? Can someone provide a point by point rebuttal to the supposed allegations on each party member/candidate covered in the sting operation?
Rohit Nigam
Rohit Nigam, just another software engineer.
What was the most comforting thing you heard someone say?
Rohit Kapoor
Rohit Kapoor, Perseverance is the key
Why do Indian films contain group dance with songs while foreign films do not?
Akshay Vannery
Akshay Vannery, I'm just a poor boy.. I need no sympa...
What is the most intelligent way to utilize my salary?
Amit Banerjee
Amit Banerjee, Writer
If an IIT graduate does not get a job in the campus placements, what are his options after graduation?
Harsh Snehanshu
Harsh Snehanshu, After IIT, I chose to travel and write.
What is happiness for you?
Sana Qasim
Sana Qasim, I am athletic. I surf the net.
I'm a 28 year old living in India. People around me of my age are either buying a house, getting married or having kids. Is that the ultimate goal in life?
Dhakshitha Rao
Dhakshitha Rao, dropped down from Venus
What could a 20-year-old do to potentially improve their quality of life further down the line?
Vivek Raj
Vivek Raj
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