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What are the top 5 mistakes made in history of India which we are still regretting? - Quora

Answer: 1) The Kashmir Conflict The Kashmir conflict is a territorial dispute.​.​.​
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What are the top 5 mistakes made in history of India which we are still regretting?
Radhika Mishra
Radhika Mishra, ICT Mumbai.
What are 10 (or fewer) good habits that changed your life?
Niharika Banerjee
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Jonathan Chung
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What advice would people give to freshers at an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)?
Antariksh Bothale
Antariksh Bothale, IITB Mech BTech + MTech (2007-12)
What does the picture on the back of an Indian ₹1000 note signify?
Jai Parimi
Jai Parimi, Learn as if you were to live forever.
Shouldn't Indians buy products from Flipkart only to help it beat Amazon in India, at least?
Shishir Bhanot
Shishir Bhanot
If Mahabharat was to be made using world cricketers whom would you cast and why?
Murali Krishnan
Murali Krishnan, Quora for Indians (http://quoraforind...
What is the funniest/wittiest line you've ever heard from a NIT-K prof?
Kapeel Kokane
Kapeel Kokane, Channelling the energies..
What are some things you dislike about the IITs?
Debraj Chakrabarti
Debraj Chakrabarti, trying to learn Mathematics!
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