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How was your experience of watching the movie "Happy New Year? - Quora

Answer: While this may not qualify as an answer, here it goes.​ Happy New Year.​.​.​
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How was your experience of watching the movie "Happy New Year"?
Anvit Shankar
Anvit Shankar
Will any other Indian politician get the kind of rockstar reception Narendra Modi has received at Madison Square Garden? Why yes? Why not?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Foreign Policy Columnist at NitiCentral
How does it feel to not qualify in IIT JEE?
Dhruv Hari Baldawa
Dhruv Hari Baldawa, compensating laziness with code !
I am a college student in India. Recently I have watched a lot of American sitcoms especially Friends. They have influenced my thinking and I just want to have a lifestyle like those Americans, and want to leave India and settle in US. Is my thinking justified?
Virali Modi
Virali Modi, aka hotwheels.
What is it like to be a prisoner of war?
John McCain
John McCain, United States Senator from Arizona
Who is/was the most badass Indian politician of all time?
Vishnu Rajamanickam
Vishnu Rajamanickam, existentialist
Is Sachin Tendulkar highly overrated?
Jackie Vaswani
Jackie Vaswani, Persuing engineering
Who, in your opinion, had the most interesting mind in history, and why?
Rajiv Sinha
Rajiv Sinha, a cynical idealist.
Which is the most unexpected lines ever said by a villain in a movie?
Joseph John
Joseph John, nosce te ipsum
Who is the most unfortunate Indian politician of all time?
Nagarajan Srinivas
Nagarajan Srinivas, We dance round and suppose;But the Tr...
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