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How did Arpit Agarwal land a job at Google? - Quora

Answer: Too long.​ Don't Read.​ Proceed only if you are genuinely interested.​.​.​
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How did Arpit Agarwal land a job at Google?
Arpit Agarwal
Arpit Agarwal
Who is the most underrated actor/actress in Bollywood and why?
Rahul Mazumdar
Rahul Mazumdar
What is the craziest story you heard in IIT Kanpur?
Samarth Bansal
Samarth Bansal, Student, IIT Kanpur
What are your views on Narendra Modi's new Rs. 1-lakh crore 'e-kranti' plan to move India online?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Foreign Policy Columnist at NitiCentral
What does it feel like to be a 6 pointer from a good IIT in terms of future scope and self satisfaction?
Raghu Venkataraman
Raghu Venkataraman, Bad food, great music, bad movies, gr...
What do you think about Flipkart losing its credibility (cheating customers by manipulating MRP and then providing discount which eventually comes to the original price) on big billion day?
Bala Senthil Kumar
Bala Senthil Kumar, Curious humanitarian at large.
What is the biggest example of hypocrisy you have encountered in India ?
Aaquib Javed
Aaquib Javed, well, its India!
What's the best book reading tips you've ever got?
Amit Banerjee
Amit Banerjee, Writer
What does article 370 (of the Constitution of India) actually mean?
Atul Kumar Mishra
Atul Kumar Mishra, Right Winger
How should I start investing my money as a 26 year old with no related knowledge?
Rizwan Aseem
Rizwan Aseem, I sometimes write coherently about st...
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