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What are some real life examples of chutzpah? - Quora

Answer: I was in 9th standard.​ Our semester exam was going on.​ The subject was.​.​.​
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What are some real life examples of chutzpah?
Amey Patil
Amey Patil, Code, Imagine, Relate, Analyze, Socia...
Is there any famous story of an IITian who has cheated in IIT-JEE?
Abhinav Maurya
Abhinav Maurya, VJTI · IIT Bombay · CMU
What are your views on Haider, the recent Hindi movie?
Priyanka Peeramsetty
Priyanka Peeramsetty, Manasa, Vacha, Karmanya - Indian !
Why do I feel depressed seeing my Facebook friends having everything in life?
Niharika Banerjee
Niharika Banerjee, To infinity. And beyond.
What is the most striking instance of what goes around comes around that you have seen?
Shruti Nagani
Shruti Nagani, It's not about how hard you hit, its ...
Who is the best journalist in India?
Mayank Batra
Mayank Batra, TechGeek, Startup stage, Indian
What decisions should I be making about my life while I am 25?
Amit Banerjee
Amit Banerjee, Writer
Why did Russia sell Alaska to the Americans in 1867?
Dan Holliday
Dan Holliday, Please pull around to the second window.
What is the most thought-provoking movie to have come out of India in the last 10-15 years?
Akhil Shetty
Akhil Shetty, A part time engineer, part time write...
Do south Indians prefer English over Hindi when speaking with non-south Indians?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Product Manager at a Venture funded s...
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