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What are some examples of heart-breaking suicide notes? - Quora

Answer: Kevin Carter's suicide was heartbreaking.​ And the fact that one of the.​.​.​
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What are some examples of heart-breaking suicide notes?
Aakash Giri
Aakash Giri, Pseudo-intellectual
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Robert Frost
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Who is the most underrated Bollywood actor?
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What is the one life lesson you learnt from Narendra Modi?
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What movies can be in the list of top 10 non-Hindi Indian movies ever?
Tejasvita Apte
Tejasvita Apte, Je pense donc je suis.
Which are some of the most underrated regional language films in India?
Srinath Chowdary
Srinath Chowdary, movie buff
When do you know your life has changed?
Gargi Mazumdar
Gargi Mazumdar, Despicable me!
What is one life experience that matured you significantly?
Sarthak Pranit
Sarthak Pranit, The monk who sold his bicycle...
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