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What are the most ridiculous names given to Hollywood movies in Hindi? - Quora

Answer: These names always turn movie of any genre into the genre of comedy.​ A.​.​.​
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What are the most ridiculous names given to Hollywood movies in Hindi?
Sarthak Pranit
Sarthak Pranit, The monk who sold his bicycle...
What was Arvind Kejriwal like during his college years at IIT KGP?
Deepika Bhattacharya
Deepika Bhattacharya, Fitness Freak, Troubled Engineer, Pot...
What exactly has our Prime Minister Narendra Modi done till now?
Jignesh Gavale
Jignesh Gavale, A proud Indian
What is the most powerful character written for any movie ever?
Raam Blk
Raam Blk, Procrastinator. :/
What is the one unique lesson you have learned in your life?
Vijay Gedigeri
Vijay Gedigeri, Quora enthusiast
What are some of the most heartbreaking facts?
Abhijeet Pawar
Abhijeet Pawar, Senior Undergrad, IIT Bombay, Cricket...
What is the most productive thing I can do when I'm bored?
Abeer Khan
Abeer Khan, Take the world and paint it red.
What are some of the most popular myths about IITians?
Dwarkanath Prabhu
Dwarkanath Prabhu, Got in and somehow got out.
Which is the best quote or one-liner ever in a hindi movie and why?
Sathvik Reddy
Sathvik Reddy, I love that movie. The dialogues stil...
What was a great performance in a bad movie?
Rohit Srivastav
Rohit Srivastav, I prefer sense in Cinema.
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