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Rajdeep Sardesai was attacked by a crazy mob at Madison Square Garden, New York. Who'...? - Quora

Answer: I was Aed2A, and since I wasn't present on ground there, I spent some.​.​.​
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Rajdeep Sardesai was attacked by a crazy mob at Madison Square Garden, New York. Who's the culprit here for such disgusting acts, the media or the public?
Omkar Sapre
Omkar Sapre, Journalist for 12 years, last with Th...
What should everyone know about IITians?
Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra, Mechanical Engineer
What would you do if you are trapped with a celebrity in a room, with no outside connection?
Bhuvi Jain
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What does a country get when it invests in an another country? What is Japan getting when it invests 30 billion in India?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Cofounder Zingfin.com: Big Data for F...
How should I choose books and how should I read if I'm a slow reader?
Sugandha Banga
Sugandha Banga, Ill-literate
Has a person ever given up on a dream or goal?
Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim, Corporate Strategist. Marketer. Phila...
What are the most important things you should teach a kid?
Deepak Sunanda Prabhakar
Deepak Sunanda Prabhakar, Improving my English
Paperback, hardback, or eBook? Which one do you prefer and why?
Dania Faruqui
Dania Faruqui, Follow me and I shall guide you.
Why might a person choose IIT instead of MIT?
Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal, Alumni of IIT Kanpur.
In the world of designer handbags and purses, which brand name is considered higher-end: Hermès or Louis Vuitton?
Julie H. Park
Julie H. Park, I like fashion
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