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Why are so many people content with just earning a salary and working 9-6 their entir...? - Quora

Answer: I'm fabulously wealthy by any reasonable definition of the word.​ If.​.​.​
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Why are so many people content with just earning a salary and working 9-6 their entire adult life?
Jennifer Dowdy
Jennifer Dowdy, Now whenever I see a site that looks ...
What are some examples of products that have bad user experience (UX) designs but are still used with ease?
Archie D'Cruz
Archie D'Cruz, Editor, Designer, Type aficionado
What are some of the best conversations between celebrities on Twitter?
Noorafsha Abdulla
Noorafsha Abdulla
Whats the most inexpensive way to travel across Europe if going from India?
Geetanjali Tyagi Garg
Geetanjali Tyagi Garg, co-founder @ http://www.tripfeet.com
When I read about Steve jobs, I become depressed comparing myself to him at my age (which is 29).  What actions can I take to solve this problem?
Galvin Widjaja
Galvin Widjaja, Geek husband.
What is the best novel book-lovers never want to read again?
Ayushi Mona
Ayushi Mona, Books have always been kind to me
What are some of Chennai's best kept secrets?
Ganesh Srinivas
Ganesh Srinivas, 12 years in Chennai.
How did the smartest investors in the Silicon Valley make such a huge mistake with Clinkle?
Michael O. Church
Michael O. Church
Why don't fashion models smile?
Will Wister
Will Wister, Moving to the beat of my own style's ...
What it is like to be in a class of HC Verma?
Ashudeep Singh
Ashudeep Singh, CSE, IIT Kanpur
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