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What are valuable skills that many young people are losing? - Quora

Answer: I have a doctorate and by any standards before this century am lucky e.​.​.​
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What are valuable skills that many young people are losing?
Ken Eckert
Ken Eckert, English Professor, South Korea
What is your opinion on Jayalalitha's conviction?
Sivakumar Muthusamy
Sivakumar Muthusamy, Siva - A jack of all trades in IT - e...
What are some things about Jayalalitha that most people don't know?
Sharanya Sunderamoorthy
Sharanya Sunderamoorthy
What does it feel like to delete your WhatsApp account?
Niharika Banerjee
Niharika Banerjee, I tell people secrets. It makes them ...
Why did Narendra Modi speak in Hindi at the UN, a language most members don't understand instead of English, even though he is quite proficient in it?
Jignesh Gavale
Jignesh Gavale, A proud Indian
What is so great about Rajinikanth?
Jagadeesh Janarthanan
Jagadeesh Janarthanan, An MBA from IIM Udaipur, Marketer in ...
How are Indians treated in Britain?
Steve Black
Steve Black, Uneducated, uncouth and becoming a gr...
What are the most visually creative resumes you've seen?
Sarath Avasarala
Sarath Avasarala, Cyberflâneur
Why doesn't Indian cinema allow nudity, like other countries?
Utkarsh Kumar
Utkarsh Kumar, The truth is funny
What is the best web site very few people know about?
Siva Mulaka
Siva Mulaka, Having a Good Day, or Had ?
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