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Is Microsoft's layoff a one-off case or are there other major tech companies likely t...? - Quora

Answer: To understand the Microsoft layoffs, you have to have been a senior VP.​.​.​
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Is Microsoft's layoff a one-off case or are there other major tech companies likely to follow suit?
Jason M. Lemkin
Jason M. Lemkin, Co-founder/CEO EchoSign, acq'd by Ado...
Which Indian is the biggest threat to India?
Tarun Agrawal
Tarun Agrawal, Big fan of Bhagat Singh
Can the US impose a 200% tariff on Chinese imports to rebuild its network security, develop highly automated manufacturing, solar industry and invest in education?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Knowledge lover.
If printing money can increase inflation, won't bringing black money back into the system increase the inflation as well?
Akshat Agarwal
Akshat Agarwal, Quora-ismatic
What's Narendra Modi like in person?
Smit Mehta
Smit Mehta, www.smitmehta.com
How much money is enough to live comfortably in India?
Som Bhatta
Som Bhatta, India, my native land
What are some movies with most illogical scenes/storyline?
Aiyappa N Devaiah
Aiyappa N Devaiah, Avid reader.
What are examples of experts who in the end were not real experts?
Vijay Jain
Vijay Jain, known for nothing ;)
What would happen if Sheldon Cooper met Sachin Tendulkar?
Nitin Pillai
Nitin Pillai, Down and Out
What did Adolf Hitler's artwork look like?
Martin Fox
Martin Fox, Art Historian
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