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I want to be a billionaire in 2 years; how can I plan that? - Quora

Answer: My initial thought was that 2 years to billionaire status is crazy. Bu...
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I want to be a billionaire in 2 years; how can I plan that?
Chris HolmesParker
Chris HolmesParker, Entrepreneur. Computer Scientist, Phy...
Is this the end of my life?
Neelesh Tanwar
Neelesh Tanwar, Life is this _ , I want this ‾
What is the best political solution to Kashmir?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Currently working on "From Tryst to T...
Why doesn't India have a full scale war with Pakistan and capture it?
Divya Malika
Divya Malika, Crystallizing my Thoughts
Is India a better country than Brazil?
Tim Eriksson
Tim Eriksson
Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?
Aditya Gore
Aditya Gore, 18
How correct was the Indian government's decision to turn down Edward Snowden's asylum request?
Bala Senthil Kumar
Bala Senthil Kumar, Curious humanitarian at large.
Will India be the superpower in 2020 as  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said?
Ugam Kamat
Ugam Kamat, Quorious Indian!!
In 1947, did Pakistan have better odds at becoming a better country than India?
Sharbatanu Chatterjee
Sharbatanu Chatterjee, Open-minded optimist, Indian by natur...
How important is Bhutan to India?
Gopal Kalita
Gopal Kalita
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