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How is the Indian army regarded by other countries' militaries? - Quora

Answer: I served briefly in the United Kingdom's Royal Naval Reserve, and befo.​.​.​
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How is the Indian army regarded by other countries' militaries?
Nigel Mountford
Nigel Mountford
Which are some movies that made Bollywood proud?
Vivek Sehgal
Vivek Sehgal, Looking For Alaska
I passed out from IIT in 2006. My rank in IIT JEE was within top 200. I have never worked abroad and I'm feeling very depressed. What should I do?
Amit Banerjee
Amit Banerjee, Writer
Is there an Indian movie whose plot Hollywood has copied?
Anojan Thevaraj
Anojan Thevaraj, Cinephile,Monotheist,Artist, Cosmolog...
Who is the most inspiring person in Bollywood?
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar, God rocks, religions suck!
If "Game of Thrones" were to have a Bollywood cast, who would you have play what role?
Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar, Co-founder of SEOHalt.com | Crazy LFC...
What are the most common English grammatical errors made by people from India?
Iraada Glynis
Iraada Glynis, lover and fighter
What are the best opening sequences from Bollywood movies?
Nakul Dashora
Nakul Dashora, Striving for perfection on an unknown...
What do young Indian professionals have for breakfast?
Aishwarya Nair
Aishwarya Nair, I am an Indian.
Which is the most underrated Indian movie ever?
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
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