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Why is fuel stored in the wings of aircraft? - Quora

Answer: There are several compelling reasons as to why an Aircraft Designer tr...
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Why is fuel stored in the wings of aircraft?
Nikunj Kothari
Nikunj Kothari, Aerospace Engineer in the making
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Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo, Head, Groupon APAC Emerging Markets
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Scott Young
Scott Young, Commissioning Specialist Edmonton, Al...
How has the social relevance of dystopian novels like “The Giver” changed over time, especially in today’s society where surveillance has become such an issue?
Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry, Author, The Giver
Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?
Bhuvi Jain
Bhuvi Jain, Mom of two just out-of-teenagers, writer
How would the Harry Potter series be if it had been written by Chetan Bhagat from India?
Karan Atree
Karan Atree, :/
What are some epic pictures of Indians?
Jayanta Kumar Nath
Jayanta Kumar Nath
What are the most impressive answers given by Cortana?
Tejas Golde
Tejas Golde
What are some of the top silly hoaxes that took Indians for a ride?
Avijit Anand
Avijit Anand, Dil se Desi
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