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What are some stories about the smartness of Bill Gates? - Quora

Answer: In an interview, to the question "Why Microsoft doesn't take operating...
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What are some stories about the smartness of Bill Gates?
Gaurang Singh
Gaurang Singh, Maverick, Nolanist.
If peace talks are not working, why doesn't India handle Pakistan once and for all using force?
Dhruv Motwani
Dhruv Motwani, EE grad,marathon runner
Have you ever cried while watching a cricket match? If yes, what brought tears to your eyes?
Neeraj Atul Gadkari
Neeraj Atul Gadkari, Idol of idleness
Why does India claim all of the history of the subcontinent when it's the combined history of Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and others?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, History buff.
Where do all the engineers from India end up after graduating?
Ajay Kr. Gautam
Ajay Kr. Gautam, I Love India, but not proud of it.
What did the first year at IIT teach you?
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma, I am the inspiration of pharell willi...
What are the most important lessons of history?
Murali Krishnan
Murali Krishnan, I share safety tips
What is the most embarrassing moment in the history of cricket?
Nishant Baunthiyal
Nishant Baunthiyal
Which TV shows should be banned in India?
Raj Vyas
Raj Vyas, Late bloomer
Who is the most intelligent cricketer ever? And why would you consider him as an intelligent cricketer?
Ayush Sharan
Ayush Sharan, Following cricket religiously since 1996
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