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Should I dropout if I feel like I can't survive in IIT anymore? - Quora

Answer: One of our profs told us that there was this one boy, perfectly reason...
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Should I dropout if I feel like I can't survive in IIT anymore?
Rashmi Ravishankar
Rashmi Ravishankar
What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about the Indian military?
Piyush Advani
Piyush Advani
Why couldn't India make it to the moon while countries like USA and Russia had almost 50 years ago?
Kshitij Salgunan
Kshitij Salgunan
According to the people outside India, what are the changes that India needs and what shouldn't it change?
James Finley
James Finley, Just a regular guy who loves to read ...
What is the appeal of "Orange is the New Black"?
Uzo Aduba
Uzo Aduba, Actress, Orange Is The New Black
Which profession in India does not get the respect it deserves?
Palash Gupta
Palash Gupta, Procrastinator
What is the dumbest thing said by a bollywood actor/actress during an interview?
Monica Phalswal
Monica Phalswal, Linux/ Python/ Algorithms lover
What is the reasoning behind Arvind Kejriwal's claims that a "Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train costs Rs. 75,000/- per person"?
Subash Nehru
Subash Nehru, Idealist. In the process of getting c...
What are some non-Indian things that Indians have made their own?
Pushpendra Mohta
Pushpendra Mohta, Restless
What do you think about Smriti Irani's decision to set up more IITs and IIMs?
Akash Kyal
Akash Kyal, Co-Founder, 11Estates.com
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