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Do Indians in real life sing love songs at fields and gardens like they do in their f...? - Quora

Answer: Yes we do. We also travel to places like Switzerland, New Zealand, Aus...
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Do Indians in real life sing love songs at fields and gardens like they do in their films?
Sandip Ramakrishnan
Sandip Ramakrishnan
Why did US allow India to develop nuclear weapon but doesn't want other countries to do the same?
Akhim Lyngdoh
Akhim Lyngdoh, the not-so-noble savage
How do I dispose off an Indian flag?
Suraj Saluja
Suraj Saluja, traveller with no funds. GIMME MORE :)
Does it scare others when Narendra Modi says, "I am nationalist. I'm patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I am born Hindu. Nothing is wrong. So I'm a Hindu nationalist. So yes, you can say I'm a Hindu nationalist because I'm a born Hindu"? Is it good for a secular country?
Abhinandan Patil
Abhinandan Patil, Quoracious Reader. AFK&Q.
Why are South Indian names often long?
Krishna Vijay
Krishna Vijay, INDIAN, BITSGIAN, Thinker, Tinkerer o...
What are some problems in India where the solution has become another bigger problem?
Sumit Agrawal
Sumit Agrawal, I build things.
Who destroyed IIT?
Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra, Mechanical Engineer
Why is traditional food served on a banana leaf in the states of South India?
Balaji Viswanathan
Balaji Viswanathan, Currently working on "From Tryst to T...
What should I do? (see the details)
Akand Sitra
Akand Sitra, Aspiring Indian Civil Servant
What is something you wish you did that you didn't?
Sanjay Nandan Ias
Sanjay Nandan Ias, IAS.Friend, counsellor and mentor. Wi...
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