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What facts about India do foreigners not believe until they come to India? - Quora

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What facts about India do foreigners not believe until they come to India?
Robert Wisnewski
Robert Wisnewski, Lived and worked in India for 2 years...
What is the most inspiring thing a person can say to his/her opponent or colleague?
Shailender Kaushik
Shailender Kaushik, Aspiring Politician
What are some interesting facts about Bangalore?
Vikram Vishwanathan
Vikram Vishwanathan
Which Indian movie posters are a blatant copy of Hollywood ones?
Mehershad Wadia
Mehershad Wadia, I am athletic; I surf Quora.
What was the inspiration behind Sarah McLachlan's song, "Angel"?
Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan, Singer/Songwriter
What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about India?
Nikhil Kajaria
Nikhil Kajaria, Your feed, my responsibility
What is the meaning of word "Chootiya"?
Kumar Deepak
Kumar Deepak, Indian, Architect, wants to understan...
What are the strangest facts about some famous movies?
Aditya Shastry
Aditya Shastry, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What should everyone know about India?
Ridhim Seth
Ridhim Seth, I try to make sense
What are some popular old wives' tales?
Himanshu Jaiswal
Himanshu Jaiswal, Quora enthusiast :)
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